Healthcare in one way or another affects all of us.   I will do my best to make sure that all citizens are treated with fairness and decency, and respect.


I will make sure that our city is aware of how the buildings we have now, and the ones that we will create, can be designed in the most sensibile and sustainable way.



It is so important for the future that we make sure Boston continues to do great things with recycling, and  continues to help keep our neighborhoods beautiful.

Climate Change/Enviornment


Immigration is a very important topic.   We need to acknowledge the positives and negatives, just like with everything...and do what we can to be sure everyone lives the best life they can.

We are extremely lucky to live in such an educated and diverse city.  I will work to support our education system for our children and our teachers.

Similar to the other issues listed, both of these issues affect all of us.   We need to be aware, and make sure that our city stays informed and is concious of things that we can do to help.

Other issues are not limited to, but include:                                 


   Criminal Justice                                     Income Inequality

   Race Relations   


Affordable Housing


The entire community has to work with housing issues.   Everybody deserves a place to call home, but the option is not available to everyone.   I will work to make our city available to everyone.

I'd like to know if there are issues that you feel serious about - don't hesitate to let me know.

Social Issues