Who am I?

The reason I am running is that I want to give voice to all the citizens of Boston, especially those who do not feel heard.  I can use my experiences to make a positive difference.

* Affordable Housing

* Education

* Healthcare  

* Climate Change

* LGBTQ Rights

* Homelessness

* Infrastrucure

I offer a fresh perspective.  I believe that the Boston City Council truly cares about their citizens.   I want to be a voice for those, who don't always feel heard.

My name is Amanda Smart.   I am a woman who wants to make a positive difference in the lives of as many individuals as I can.  The  different roles I've had in my life: daughter, student, friend, patient, employee, advocate, tax payer, author...have given me the chance to view the world through different lenses..  

"One candidate — Amanda Smart of Brighton— opened an account with the Massachusetts Office of Campaign and Political Finance back in January. A UMass Boston graduate with a MS in Human Services, Smart notes her history of recovering from a traumatic brain injury she sustained as a teenager and her decade of work with the Massachusetts Association for the Blind and advocacy with the disability community on her campaign website ."                                                                                                                                        Dorchester Reporter 12/13/18

Why am I running? 

What do I offer to voters?

I should be elected for my ability to analyze issues from different perspectives.   I am always willing to listen, and to hear other points of view.   I value and want to hear everyone's opinion, on subjects we address.  We can work together to make our lives and our community shine!

Why should you elect me?

Challenges I will focus on: