What do I offer to voters?

Why am I running? 

Who am I?

I am running because I believe that we need someone who has personal experience with the  "challenges" that our great  city can sometimes present .  I will make sure that everyone's voices are listened to.

Challenges I will focus on are:

* Education

* Affordable Housing

* Healthcare

* Immigration

* Climate Change

* Infrastructure

I believe that I offer a fresh perspective.  I also believe that the Boston City Council truly cares about it's citizens.   I'd like to be part of that, and represent people that don't always feel that they have representation.

My name is Amanda Smart.   I am running for City Council because  I believe that all the residents of Boston matter.  I know I can make a positive difference by using my experiences and my knowledge to help as many people as I can.

I should be elected, because I have been through many different roles in my life: patient, student, employee, tax payer, to name a few.  My diverse ethnic background, leads me to understand where many people are coming from.

Why should you elect me?