"It always seems impossible, until it's done."

                                                                                  Nelson Mandela                              


Challenges I will focus on?

Why should you elect me?

I should be elected for my ability to analyze issues from different perspectives.   I am always open to listening to other points of view.   I value and want to hear everyone's opinion, on subjects we address.  We can work together to make our lives and our community shine!

Call to volunteer


* Affordable Housing

* Education

* Healthcare/disability

* LGBTQ Rights

* Homelessness

* Child Care for All

Who am I?

Why am I running? 

What do I offer to voters?

I offer to voters real life experience and a fresh perspective.  I will always fight for what is right, for citizens and for our community,   I want to be a voice for those who do not always feel heard.

I am a woman who wants to make a positive difference by showing that anything is possible!   The  different roles I've had in my life: daughter, student, friend, TBI patient, advocate, tax payer..have given me the chance to view the world in different in different roles. .  

I am running to give voice to all the citizens of Boston, especially those who do not feel heard.   According to latest available Census, , there are 8.7% of individuals under the age of 65 with a disability.   I believe that with a City Council that consists of 13 members, I believe at least one of them should be a representative of that population.